Going Green Oy:llä työskentelee harjoittelija tammikuun 2022 ajan. Tervetuloa tiimiin!

Opi tuntemaan Tammy / Learn more about Tammy:

Tammy was born in mainland China and grow up in Hong Kong. She studies Environmental Science for her bachelor’s degree. After working in the field of environmental education and sustainable tourism for 10 years, she returns to graduate school and completes her master’s degree in International Tourism and Convention Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In 2021, she moves to Finland, one of the happiest and sustainable countries in the world, to continue her new adventure and experience the Nordic happiness of being one with the nature and the environment.

She loves to explore the lesser-known parts of travel destinations. She is happy and excited to be granted the opportunity to work in Green Key Finland as an intern, doing something small but beautiful for our planet and the community by promoting the responsible travel and sustainable tourism.


Green Key-, Green Activities- ja Blue Flag-merkit myöntää ja niiden käyttöä Suomessa valvoo FEE Suomen omistama yhteiskunnallinen yritys Going Green Oy. Osallistumis- ja auditointimaksuilla kustannetaan ohjelmatoiminnan pyörittäminen, ja syntyvillä voitoilla tuetaan FEE Suomen ympäristökasvatustoimintaa.