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Green Key ─ Unlocking sustainability in the hospitality industry

Want to travel more environmentally friendly? Choose Green Key awarded accommodation!


The Green Key award is a leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. In Finland there are more than 60 Green Key sites. Globally the number is around 2 600.


Green Key awarded hotels, hostels, camp sites and other lodgings are determined to work for more sustainable hospitality industry. The high environmental standards expected of these establishments are maintained through rigorous documentation and frequent audits. Their daily environmental work comprises of for example:

– saving energy and water

– producing less waste and recycling

– serving vegetarian foods and using locally produced and organic ingredients

– using ecolabeled detergents and paper products

– helping customers to use ecological means of transportation and visit nature sites


Map shows all the Green Key awarded sites in Finland and globally. To see all the Green Key sites outside Finland, too, just zoom out. For information about the sites, click a dot that indicates the location of the site.


Find more information about the program on our global web site:

And follow us in social media: @GreenKeyInt @GreenKeyFinland #GreenKey


Want to apply for the Green Key certificate?


Green Key awarded hotels, hostels, camping sites and other lodgings are committed to follow our criteria which you can find on our global website by following this link. Information about the application process can be found by following this link.


Once Green Key awarded, you can use our internationally recognized ecolabel and receive the program´s support for your environmental work as well as our support for efficiently communicating about your environmental work. Please, do not hesitate to contact Finland´s national Green Key office for further information:


Marketta Viljasaari, Head of Green Key Finland,  045 600 9250


Elina Harju, Liaison manager, 050 566 8733


Green Key -program in Finland is owned by FEE Suomi, an NGO working for environmental education. The revenues of the Green Key program are directed to environmental education.

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