Green Activities Certificate

Green Activities is a sustainability program and certificate especially designed for activity program operators. Green Activities is best suited to establishments that offer outdoor activities, and it is the only sustainability certificate in the Nordic countries that includes criteria for ensuring tourism animal welfare.

A Green Activities certified company must commit to increasing the environmental awareness of its customers and staff as well as reducing the environmental impact of its activities. The certificate is based on a set of sustainability criteria specifically designed for activity program operators, and the applicants must commit to meeting and regularly reporting on these criteria. In order to ensure the well-being of tourism animals, those companies that use sled dogs and tourism reindeer must meet additional criteria. The program offers applicants personal consultation, as well as sustainability training and sustainability communications materials for certified members.

Companies that have been granted the Green Activities certificate may use the Green Activities label in their communications. The label confirms that the sustainability-related claims of the establishment have been verified by an auditor and the certificate has been awarded by an independent jury.

The Green Activities certificate has been developed with the permission of FEE (Foundation of Environmental Education), and it is based on the chapters 1-4 and 11 of the Green Key Criteria for Attractions. The use of the Green Activities label and certificate is overseen by Going Green Oy that is a social enterprise fully owned by FEE Finland.

Green Activities Establishments

Finland currently has 33 certified Green Activities establishments, and their number is steadily increasing. The Green Activities operators offer outdoor activity programs or workshops based on the use of sustainable materials and methods all around Finland. They include companies focusing on winter activities such as dog or reindeer sled rides, as well as summertime operators offering mountain biking and zip-line programs and equipment rental. Many Green Activities operators have also achieved the Green Key certificate, for they offer accommodation and catering services as well.

The Criteria

In order to achieve the Green Activities certificate, an establishment must meet the Green Activities criteria. They cover 5 areas of activity for all applicants, and in addition, chapter 6 for establishments offering activities with tourism animals. The criteria are updated every 1-5 years, and the latest version came into effect on 1.1.2022.

The Green Activities criteria are divided into 2 types:


The imperative criteria define the basic level of requirements that the applicant must meet already when first applying for the certificate. If the establishment does not offer some activities or functions referred to in the imperative criteria, those requirements are excluded.


From first re-application onwards, the applicant must meet all the imperative criteria, as well as an annually growing number of guideline criteria.

Uncomplicated application process

1. Registration (10 min)

  • Fill in the registration form on our website.
  • The form includes questions regarding basic information on the applicant company and the activities it offers.

2. Making the application (2-3 months)

  • You will be sent log-in information to the applicant’s section of our website.
  • Download the application form and attachment report that can be found on the applicant’s pages. Fill them in with the help of detailed explanatory notes and instructional videos available.
  • If necessary, you may also make use of the personal consultation appointment that is available to all applicants.
  • Book the audit and send the application and attachments to us.

3. The Audit (1 day)

  • Participate in the audit.
  • A Green Activities establishment is audited on the first and second application year, thereafter every 3rd year.
  • The purpose of the audit is to ensure that the establishment meets the Green Activities criteria, as well as jointly plan the sustainability work, development and communication of the establishment.
  • The programme fee as well as the audit fee and costs will be charged after the audit.
  • Additional information on the contents of the audit is available in this document.

4. The Jury Meeting (1 day)

  • Before the jury meeting, send eventual additional information requested by the auditor.
  • Pay the program and audit fees.
  • The jury will review the application and the audit report in its meeting.
  • You don’t have to participate in the meeting.

5. Certification (1 year)

  • Once the jury has accepted the application and audit report, it will grant the establishment the Green Activities certificate for 12 months. After that, you will have to repeat the process from step 2 onwards.
  • After certification, you will be sent log-in information that grants you acces to the MEMBER’S PAGES that contain materials for sustainability communication as well as training of staff.
    Welcome to the Green Activities Program!